Project Destiny Kids

PDK is a non profit organization reaching out the needs of street children in Butuan City. PDK consists of weekly outreaches to street children in the streets and a rehabilitation home called The Shelter.

Simply put, our hearts desire is to reach out to hurting, neglected, abused, addicted children and allow them to experience the love of Christ through our hands and feet. Through mentoring and example, our staff and volunteers provide children with positive role models and encourage children to make good choices which prepares them for the future in a positive way. We identify medical needs of the children as well, so that they can be seen by a volunteer nurse and dentist for treatment. Children in stressful situations are identified and these children are helped in appropriate ways.

Psalms 113:7-8 He lifts the poor from the dust and the needy from the garbage dump. He sets them among princes, even princes of His own people!

The staff works as a team to provide children with positive role models and encourage children to make good choices which prepares them for the future in a positive way.

What we do

Community Outreach & Child Sponsorship

Project Destiny Kids operates a farm in a small rural community. We run a weekly Awana Club for children in our community. We also provide Child sponsorship to those in desperate need. The goal is that the children in this community will never become street children. All the while our farm provides food to all of our ministries.


During times of flooding, typhoons, or fire, Project Destiny Kids staff and kids jump into action bringing basic needs, prayer, and hands of service. During times of calamity street children are very much overlooked; we desire to bring light and love to the most needy during times of most need in a Godly way.

Operates a drop-in center for street kids called DropZone

2019 we will be reopening the DropIn Center in the city proper. It will run in very much the same way as it did in the past. Street children will receive food, clothing, hygiene, alternative academic education, and Bible study. Children attending regularly who show active interest in changing their lives begin to transform in the DropIn Center. With the assistance of a social worker, children who would not be able to return to an abusive or dysfunctional home would be….

Foster Care Assist

The new third branch of PDK will be to begin working with churches to train, teach, and identify families interested in becoming a foster family for these kids. We believe strongly that God has made children to be in families and families to be in the church. Therefore, though God blessed the ministry of our Shelter Home in the past and moved in miraculous ways transforming the lives of so many kids….we will not move in the direction of a group home instead we will plow the ground for foster families. The idea is that the kids will be prepared at the DropIn Center while the families would be prepared in the church then the child with their new borrowed family will come spend time at PDK Farm for Family Camp where they will learn and work together to become a cohesive loving adjusted foster family.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Francis Mallorca


Jebrlyn Bantolinao

Vice President

Pong Balinquit


Margie Wahing


Aloy Vilanueva




Sonia Abarquez