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    The new third branch of PDK will be to begin working with churches to train, teach, and identify families interested in becoming a foster family for these kids. We believe strongly that God has made children to be in families and families to be in the church. Therefore, though God blessed the ministry of our Shelter Home in the past and moved in miraculous ways transforming the lives of so many kids….we will not move in the direction of a group home instead we will plow the ground for foster families. The idea is that the kids will be prepared at the DropIn Center while the families would be prepared in the church then the child with their new borrowed family will come spend time at PDK Farm for Family Camp where they will learn and work together to become a cohesive loving adjusted foster family.

    As you can imagine there is a lot of ground to be covered and work to be done with this new picture. But we strongly feel that this is so dear to the heart of God and is the better direction to walk in. OF course we covet your continued partnership in finance and prayer as WE (YOU and PDK) plow this new ground with the Lord for His glory and the betterment of children and families here in Philippines.

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    Teresa Woodard
    PDK Director

    The vision of Project Destiny Kids is to partner together to reach and teach children-in-crisis and their families so that they have every opportunity of becoming mature followers of Christ living fully in their God-given destiny. Our missions statement is to see children-in-crisis off of the streets nurtured in a safe environment and transformed into strong Christian leaders.

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